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Does your Commercial Heating and Air Unit Need Servicing?

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The need for commercial HVAC contractors service is way more important than many business owners and plant managers and CEOs may think.  Keeping the temperature at a comfortable level is extremely important for both your employees and customers alike.

When running a company, it is imperative that your warehouse or office building maintains a sufficient temperature. When something goes wrong with the heating or cooling system, it can cause significant problems, from customer discomfort to low worker productivity, stock damage, or loss. 

So to better help you avoid any major problems regarding your commercial heating and cooling systems I have provided you with the following information regarding the type of commercial HVAC services that are needed as well as the most common heating and cooling problems you may encounter with large commercial heat and air systems.

For commercial HVAC troubleshooting and repair ideas, be sure to watch the following video:

How To Avoid & Fix Your Commercial HVAC Problems

To resolve these root problems you should contact a heating contractor and a highly trained air conditioner repair service technician with years of experience for your commercial air conditioning systems repair needs. These HVAC repair professionals can diagnose and take steps to resolve any issue with their commercial heating and cooling units so that your business can return to its usual routine.

The heating and cooling system in a commercial or industrial site operates on the same principles as the local system. However, the size, design, and design of the system itself are often significantly different. This means that not all HVAC professionals know the necessary knowledge and skills it takes to handle industrial or commercial heating and central air systems, regardless of the number of years of experience they may have.

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For example, the residential HVAC contractor that primarily deals with home systems may not know the best way to install, clean, or repair major industrial air duct systems. The same applies to rooftop unit air conditioning repair, replacement, or service, as rooftop units are more commonly found in commercial real estate. 

While local HVAC professionals have excellent skills and knowledge at their disposal, they are not the best people to solve problems regarding commercial heating and air conditioning air quality.

If you are having problems with your commercial HVAC system, save time and money by looking for a professional HVAC contractor that can handle your commercial or industrial order easily. These experts can perform the heating or air conditioning service you need in an efficient and timely manner so that your employees and customers can enjoy a building at the right temperature. 

Hiring the right HVAC professionals to work on your companies heating and air system will also ensure that your energy bills are not increased due to a defective system. Do not risk the comfort of your employees or your customers. Contact the heating, ventilation, and commercial air conditioning team at the first sign of problems with your heating or cooling systems so that these problems can be addressed quickly and effectively.

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Energy loss in all of its facilities can become a long-term financial concern. You may want to request an energy analysis with your HVAC commercial service provider during the next scheduled service. Since you are already spending money on commercial HVAC services, you may want to think that the HVAC system you installed in your building also uses energy efficiently. 

You may have a situation where the cool air escapes from your building. If you have this situation where you have energy loss, some of the money you spend on your commercial HVAC services may be lost. If you continuously discover that your energy bills are too high, it may be the cause of the energy leak that was not found throughout the building.

Let’s take a look at some common commercial heating and cooling problems you may encounter.

Common HVAC Problems For Commercial Units

Loss of Heat Through Energy Leaks

Energy leaks can also affect the building’s internal temperature during the summer and the warmer weather season. Energy analysis can be one of the most revealing ideas for how successful your HVAC system is, and if there is a problem with your building that might hinder optimal performance. 

Energy analysis is useful for discovering specific points where your building may need proper insulation and sealing. Energy analysis can also help you show where you can save more money on water and energy services.

If your building is not adequately heated and you are using an air conditioning or heating system, it is very similar to trying to maintain a constant temperature inside the room with an open window. If you have your heating or cooling system running during this condition, your order will operate longer and try to maintain a steady temperature than if the window was closed.

HVAC commercial service provider can help you determine the air conditioning needs of your buildings. Your HVAC commercial contractor can use a blower door to see if your building is sealed and adequately heated. This test can also show you how much air can escape from the building. The HVAC specialist will use the fan door to see if there is more air leakage after adequately closing the building if necessary and heating it.

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There is also a variety of other tools that your air conditioning contractor can use to detect any other energy leaks inside the building. Specifically, infrared cameras can help detect temperature differences around the building and can help identify where the energy might leak. In many cases, HVAC channels, the main suspect of energy leakage, must be examined by

windows and doors. All of these areas should be appropriately closed to help reduce power loss.

Most buildings suffer from some energy loss. In most commercial buildings, the most significant energy leaks tend to be with doors and windows due to the high traffic with employees and customers. 

Additionally, basement cranes and pipes throughout the building can be potential sources of energy leaks. To help reduce energy bills and keep the HVAC smoothly, be sure to keep all windows and doors closed when you don’t need to be open. Also, if you are not using a highly efficient HVAC system, consider switching to a network, as it can help you save more money in the long run.

When there is a problem with commercial or industrial heating or cooling system, it is essential to find HVAC contractors that can handle the heating installation or air conditioning on a large scale. This way, your business can return to normal as soon as possible. Below is a brief review of four of the most common challenges company owners face.

Air Conditioner Not Working At Full Capacity

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This issue can be tracked for one of several reasons. If you have a relatively new unit and age is no longer a cause for concern, this is likely due to frozen coil in the air conditioning unit. The freezer coil can be caused by a decrease in the amount of refrigerant, the chemical that cools the air. 

Each air conditioner comes with the manufacturer’s instructions on how much refrigerant to use for this specific model.

A Dirty or Clogged Filter

If the screen is not changed regularly, dust and dirt can accumulate and disrupt the normal airflow. This means that the system becomes ineffective and cannot operate to its full capacity. 

Studies show that the power consumption of the AC unit can be reduced by up to 10% once a dirty filter is replaced. Some filters are reusable and can be washed and reinserted. It is a good idea to replace the filters at least every two months during warm weather, although pet owners may want to change them monthly.

Mold Growing Near Air Ducts or On Wall

Mold growth indicates excessive moisture in the home. Mold is a problem that can cause allergies and serious diseases. It can spread around the house from one area to another very quickly, causing unpleasant and costly damage to repair it.

Heating Unit Makes Strange Noises

commercial heating unit

A strange sound coming from your heat pump can be the result of multiple things. If the engine of the unit motor is clogged, then it will be necessary to clean and lubricate it. Things that usually hinder an induction motor include dead insects, leaves, and other debris. Another common reason for strange heater noise is worn out parts.


Now that you have all the proper knowledge about the most important commercial HVAC services of today as well as common problems you may encounter with a commercial heating and cooling unit, there is no need to panic the next time your office building or warehouses HVAC unit starts acting up.  

If you are interested in more information regarding heating and cooling services as well as how to find the best HVAC repair companies in your area, be sure to take some time to read the following related articles.

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