Did you know that more residents are moving to metal roofing?

A current trend by residents in the Wilmington, NC area is metal roofs.  Many are having the shingles removed and installing metal roofing Wilmington NC in the shingles place.  Apparently, the metal roofs come with a very long warranty.  This is extremely important for homeowners; if the metal roof tears you get it replaced free of charge.  The warranty is not the only thing attracting residents.  You can also get the metal roof installed in about any color you like.  The warranty also covers the color as well.  If the color fades it will be changed free of charge.

For these reason I believe that metal roofs are becoming more popular among homeowners.  This makes complete sense in my eyes.  Why would you have shingles installed on your roof that has no warranty when you can have a metal roof any color you like?

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